Anthony Borges

was the average 15-year-old student, attending classes at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, focused on school, family and soccer.

But on February 14, 2018, Anthony, along with the entire Stoneman Douglas community was faced with the unthinkable. As bullets barraged the halls of the school, tragically taking the lives of 17 individuals, Anthony responded with bravery, courage and strength, ushering 20 of his peers into a classroom and barricading the door, using his body as a shield.

Anthony was shot five times that day, while saving the lives of up to 20 others. He spent months in the hospital, losing a third of his lung and suffered severe damage to other organs as well as his legs and feet.

Anthony rejects the hero label, but sacrifice in the face of chaos and danger can never be ignored or forgotten.